About us

Our small and dedicated team are skilled in their respective field. They are happy to assist you in providing a unique and quality product.

We create a variety of:

  • scented soy candles
  • scented soy wax melts
  • scented soy wax tea lights
  • scented handmade soaps
  • miniature guest soaps
  • reed diffusers
  • gift baskets tailored to suit you
  • himalayan salt lamps

We cater for any occasion including:

  • weddings (bridal tableware + gifts for guests / tableware & much more)
  • special occasions - table decorations
  • client / business gifts.


Owner and candlemaker

Carolyn has a passion for candles, flowers and soaps. She infuses her candles with her passion and love for the craft.


Marketing and specialty candles

Kelly has a love for design, and draws on this to create specialty candles and unique pieces

Harley and Jasper

Security Scents


 Harley and Jasper provide 24/7 security and supervision over the entire operation, and have a keen interest in anything food related.